HeatUp Service

Secure temperature control and steel adjustment

Furnace Monitoring

Monitoring melt & furnace during production

Furnace Inspection

Image based inspection systems & services

Simulate & Optimise

Finite element simulation for industrial furnaces

franke Industrieofen-Service

The Furnace on Focus

Franke > Industrieofen-Service – For 15 years we look after industrial furnaces all over Europe. We simulate the working conditions and optimize the Furnace construction in whole or single parts. We perform specific Heat Up’s in order to keep your investments save and care for a smooth operation of your process in the glass, metal and cement industry. We develop software, hardware and the know-how for inspections and the save operation of your furnace.

Jobs at Franke

We do have steaming hot chances for a mechatronic technician.

FIOScope® The eye on your production

Our newest Development delivers HD-Images directly from inside your furnace and stays cool while doing it. And if you don’t believe your own eyes, we can also evaluate the images automatically for you.


Inspections since 2006


Heat ups since 2006

15 years



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